Panoramic X-ray

Dentistomo Dental Imaging Center always works to provide the most accurate and highest quality service with its expert staff and professional devices.

With our Online Appointment facility, you can fill out the form on the side so that we can serve you faster at any date and time you wish.


Since the densities of patients in our centers cannot be predicted, it will be in your best interest to make an appointment before you come to avoid wasting time.

For exact price information, if you can send the image of the request form filled by your physician to the Whatsapp number (05332587944) found in the request forms of our centers, our operators can provide you with the necessary information.

You can also access our current price list by clicking here.

The print you will receive after the process is free of charge. If you have 2 or more print requests, there are different prices depending on the type of print.

2D images (Panoramic, Cephalometric, Hand-Wrist, Ap-Pa, Sinus, TMJ) within 10 minutes after the procedure; 3D images (chin tomography, joint tomography, sinus tomography, full head, sagittal split) are delivered within 2 hours when the analysis and measurements are completed.

The result images can be stored on shared servers in our centers for 5 years, and they can be prepared and delivered at any time with the presentation of ID.

As Dentistomo Dental Imaging Center, no clinical examination service is provided.

As Dentistomo Imaging Center, we do not have contracted examination studies with any physician or institution.

All of our centers serve at full capacity between 08:30 – 18:30, and all our centers are closed on Sundays.

Since the presence of any metal jewelry in the imaging area of ​​the head, neck, hand-wrist or sinus area will affect the image quality, it must be removed before shooting. Tattooed areas do not have any effect.

Kızılay (Merkez)

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